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Kenneth Bartlett

Absolutism - Richelieu (1585 1642) important in the rise of France as the great nation on the European continent - Idea: central authority could use all the authority and lessen the secondary authorities - Richelieu prevented the spread of the Reformation - Successful in imposing order after the wars - Ensure that France would not be encircled by the house of the Hapsburgs - France: dissolution with the murder of Henry - Louis XIII was a child when Henry died - Marie de Medicis mother of Louis - Louis almost illiterate, distrustful, thought of as a simpleton esp. by his mother, had a sparkling younger brother - Marie disliked Louis she was committed to her Italian favorites - Louis at 16 decided to take authority from his mother - He did not know how to rule, France was in bad shape when Louis took office - Louis needed a chief minister Richelieu had every advantage from birth could ask the king for anything and get it second child, first child was trained to be a solider given good education, given to the church - Richelieu was installed as a bishop when he was 21, was named a bishop, but could not practice as a bishop - Went to see the pope and lied to the pope told him he was 23 - This young man will go far, but will always be a rouge - Decided to become ideal reforming bishop, and he did it well boy genius - Impressed those who were choosing the delegates to the estate of the king - Employed as the secretary to the crown - 1616 patronized by the Queen, as their servant found himself at a disadvantage - Lost his job, Queen was banished from the court
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