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Lecture 3

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Kenneth Bartlett

THHISTORY LECTURE 3 MONDAY SEPTEMBER 27 2010 y Crusades caused benfifited from treval cities armourours other sorts of trades and servicescannot be payed for by goods and trade medium of exchange was needed money y These services that provided for long journeys created change and knowledge with greek societies and islmaic society aka the enemny y had sophisticated money society and only way they would do business with them is if they gad to pay with cash y eevents in euroipethat changed the European society 1938 the black death stplague started 15 of continent died upside to widespread death1 time since roman empire there was a sellers market if you lived you could sell your labour for more because there were not that many people livinghealthy anymore therefore despite loss of population those who survived were mostly better offy all of western Europe after black death tended to be different placenew dynamic and growth y support by different means of business structure y the way business was done was an important factor to how erope changed and how new classes were created also to challenge those who were bfore them y double entry book keeping was introducedallowed merchnats to keep better track of business and money y new means of business organization permitted large amounts of capital a
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