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HISTORY LECTURE 5 THMONDAY OCTOBER 4 2010 HUMANISM urban mechatntile class had huge influence bc they were able to make allainces with centralized powers to work against enemenyfeadual nobilityurban townsmen wanted to use intrusments of the cityuse political power social and economic advantage for their benefitthey needed a world viewideology to undertanad what they were doinghumanism is ideaology of this class new class is full of people who have made their own way in life were not born with forturne product of social mobility worked for their money and success and wealthancestorts were only serfs stndrd they were layman were part of secular world and didnt fit into 1 2 or 3 estatedidnt work in a shop making things werent servants werent lords with lots of landthey were educated did not want to fight made bad knightshad different kind of education and trainingeducation was usefill in the determining of policy and new govt
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