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Renaissance Italy

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Kenneth Bartlett

HISTORY LECTURE 6 THWEDNESDAY OCTOBER 6 2010 RENAISSANCE ITALYItalian renaissance was a revolution bc people believed something different had occurred if enough people believe in something then its sometimes actually occursFlorence started as a Tuscan commune struggling but became rich during middle ages bc of ability to produce amazing wool and cloth and were sold throughout Europe for high prices you need people to die the cloth and do the actual labour factory owners became rich therefore had extra money which they would lend outmerchant elite grew richer and richer employing more people and then became bankersFlorentines were rich and powerfulProblem was that group had risen very quickly 100 years known as new mennew citizens didnt have control of city govtPower resided in families that had been long establishedNobles of Florence saw themselves as elite power and saw merchants as perasities and below themRural nobles had palaces in and throughout the city rural and cities were closely intertwinedNobles had long connection with towns and citiesfought battles in the street nobles were violent and knights picked enemies
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