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Northern Humanism

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Kenneth Bartlett

HISTORY LECTURE 7 THWEDNESDAY OCTOBER 13 2010 NORTHERN HUMANISMRecovery of antiquity Ideas developed under unusual circumstance Italian cities were very different from other cities in Europe education was secular always habituated rd Cities north of the alps fell under the 3 estate they grew up out of admin centers trade centers did continue to exist but far fewer and less sophisticated and separated by larger distances Ideas that were developed in itialian renessaicne were sympthatic to urban peoplein the north unlike italy secular culture became very inferieor most learning had something to do with the churchchurches needed to be educated not necessary for thugs on horsebacks to be educated gets in the way of violenceculture of the north was dominated by religious and volocabulary of religioncreated Christian religious caste to learning humanisn ideas developed in italy could move north and have connection thereConnection between northern euro and italy became extremely dramatic1394 began Italian Wars until 1559 became battlefield of Euro 10s of thousands of northern Euros were studying learning fighting living in ItalyWhen they retuned to the north they saw that the situation in the north was similar to ItalyThings that happenedcaused this was kings and princes wanted more control so
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