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October Notes

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Kenneth Bartlett

October Notes October 4 2010Feudal law Urban townsmen wanted to use the instruments of city government to benefit their economic positionthus they needed powerThey were organized in guildsNew perspective that went beyond the new groupthey needed a world view an ideology to define what they are doingHumanismThis new classpeople who have made their own ways in lifemade life for themselvessocial nobilityThey were laymandidnt fit in any estatethey didnt have any place in European societyThey were educatededucation was held very high The nobility didnt need to be educated They were educated Laymen who workedcame into the medieval world like a bombIf they were going to succeed they needed their own ideology They looked at the world around them and didnt have anything in common with anyone ItalyThe Italian cities developed a dynamic culture of urban and secular lifeItalian cities didnt decline into small villagesItaly had the opportunity of wealth and an urban class that was able to flourishThe urban merchants found somethingan ideology that applied to themThe ideology was classical antiquityThese people used the classical texts and used them for their own livesThey found the writings of CiceroThey saw something in common with him closer identification with the ancient world and a world with a growing sense of humanism When we look at humanismsecular values over religious individual finding himself These guys were PagansCicero was not ChristianWhat does Athens have to do with Jerusalem Francesco Petrarch 13041374Grew up in AvignonStudied lawHe realized that Cicero and other Pagan ancients were good meWho cares that they are Pagans They were good peopleLooked at Ciceros use of languageyou words reflect the instance of whoyou areThe ability of the identified person Human agencyLanguage become his vehicle Looks at romantic love and wrote love letters to a LauraWhat he has offered to the world is that he said we are human beings He begins a way of viewing the world in a way that humans can view the world and help each other between their words and wisdomHe had followersHe created a place for people tooC Salutati He was made the chancellor of FlorenceExperience of secular lifeHe hired other people who had the same views as himWhen Bruni 1444 is chancellorSeen as the father of Secular HumanismHumanism becomes an ideology in the values of the urban class of Europe October 6 2010New perspective on lifeHumanismUsing agencies of civil structures and governmentExampleRepublic of FlorenceWhy and how these ideas gave rise to not only the human condition but also different institutionsWhy Florence became the vanguardFlorence was just another one of those Tuscan communes struggling with their neighborsBecame rich in middle ages bc of wool and clothsTo make cloth you need people to work This made the town richThe owners of the factories became very richThey had a surplus of money so they lent itThe city grew in sizeEmployed more people became bankersFlorence was part of the Pope authorityThe Florentines are very rich
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