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November Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Kenneth Bartlett

November Notes November 1 2010Realignment of EuropeEconomic Religious political threatShift to power to the Mediterranean area rather than the Atlantic Trade with Constantinoplecontact with economies of the Islamic world Demand for slaves and luxury goods had enormous affect on economic tradeFinancial mechanisms ship building insurance etcMoney moving aroundMade Italy rich which led to Renaissance A series of events changed this In 1453Constantinople fell to the Ottoman TurksConstantines empire had died and gone to the Islamic TurksMost powerful state in Europe Also natural result of this was constant warPolitical economic and religious sides to the warsThe Christians were not well favored in this warPolicies of ndMohammed 2 145181Baltic states fell to the TurksBosnia Serbia Greece etcTrade had been taken as wellMale citizens who were capturedgiven a choice convert or be killed The Christian didnt know what to do With the death of Mohammed the Conquerorhis successors decided to attack the Islamic states1514 Persia and the Shaw taken over 1516 and 1517 Egypt and Syria taken over same time as Luthers revolt in 1517Eastern and Southern Mediterranean controlled by Turks Christians were terrifiedDivine judgmentif Gd was a Christian Gd why would he do thisProtestant reformationrecalibrate Christian Europe Degree of fear was warrantedSouthern Mediterranean and North Africa Turks decided to move northth The King Luis 4 of Hungary put together a Christian armyBattle of Mohatchannihilation of the Christian army Reached the city of ViennaThe siege didnt last in ViennaThe army would regroup1683another siege on Viennabrought everything with himbut the King of Poland broke the siegeCroissantbecause of their victory over the Turks because it is a crescent And coffee from the burning of the siege city The Christians were being pushed farther to the WestThe Christians lost so much of the benefit that brought wealth Leponto 1571 First Christian victoryThe Ottomans wanted to conquer where the main trade was coming from Portuguese explorer wanted to link up with Christian community in AfricaDid Africa have an end In 1486Bartholomewsailed around AfricaVasco de GamaSailed around Africa to get to India Portugal became rich with their tradePowerful Christian kingdomsBefore 1479 Spain was divided into small kingdomsGrenada for the Muslims and the other for the ChristiansCastile and AragonFerdinand and Isabellabrought together in marriageChristian cause Led a crusade that would lead the Muslims out of SpainDevoted to the ChurchThe Spanish became the least tolerantMoors and JewsMoors were driven out of Grenada then the Jews who wouldnt convert were driven out Power of ChristianitySpanish Inquisition backed by the Pope to keep this place ChristianRule of intolerancePolitical positionunite this peninsulaChristian victoryA zealous Catholic SpaniardAct of Spanish and Christian allegiance Turks were still winning battles Overwhelmed intoleranceThere was no Reformation in Spain Political power of Europe shifted to SpainSpain was the first empire1492Same year that Jews and Moors driven out of Spain Portugal finding Brazil brought wealthDynastic empireUse of new wealthHapsburg Empireindependent states to the empire
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