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January Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Kenneth Bartlett

January Notes January 10 2011NapoleonCrusadeto get rid of the threats To be in the army you had to be an aristocrat Most aristocrats left the country and fought with the enemyOccasionally the armies were divided by disputes which destroyed the government and left in terrorStill managed to hault the Prussian and Austrian advances on FranceNapoleonfrom Corsicabecame national hero1804Napoleon declares himself as Emperor of the French peopleThat made him more illegitimateHe believed he was granted the crown by the people not Gd or heredityAll of the enemies of France were deviated and humiliatedThe French lost to superior English fleet of shipsNapoleons collapse was not only due to his defeat by EnglandHe made a continental systemcut England off from everythingEconomic warfareIt couldnt work when communications were difficult and closing off a continent was difficult 1812 he invaded Russia and the climate destroyed the army The French armies were then defeated by the Spanish 1813 defeated in other place around Europe and Spain1813NapoleonBattle of LeipsiegNapoleon was defeated 1814Abdicated his crownThe Burbons were back in controlNapoleon was sent to ElbaBattle of Waterloo 100 days 1815the last gasp of a desperate man Then sent to the South Atlanticdied in 1821Recognized as a great administrator if EuropeCode NapoleonHis rational mind could make sense of the French law and Church law Roman law became the basis for the clear legal systemelements of French tradition He also created the legion of honorCreated French educationLyse He made spaces for poor boys1813the French universities were educating 6000 studentsFrance would benefit from educated peopleHe was not a person of the enlightenmentMercantilist Treaty between the Pope and France Celebrated NapoleonProtected Jews YAYIntegrated into the mainstream of societyHe was a remarkable manTook down feudalismAppointed his family as noblesDespite of nepotism the Italians and the Poles rejoiced They enjoyed the unificationThe French gave them a new sense of unityNapoleon liked the PolesThe Spanish detested the FrenchFought against the FrenchGiving Spain is first constitution French monarchy in Spain gave many of their governing issues a bad nameThe effect on the people of Europe The ideas that were developed were from the EnlightenmentThe ideas of the revolution were rejected by the privileged classesThe French revolutionopportunity to experimentThe idea of a freedom Other places in Europe denounced itThe idea of natural human rights the right to resist tyrannyFrom Poland to England rational though had been conditionedNov 1789the national assemblyproperty rightsMovement against propertyEmigration of thousands of aristocrats in FranceJoined their once was enemiesAnother group of aristocrats opposedthe Bonde23 aristocrats sat on the assemblyRestructuring problems France posed The terror divided France Undoing of the constitutionThere was not really muchJanuary 12 2011 Restoration and Renewal y As soon as change begins you lose control of it y Change of any kinds had to be stopped y Napoleon changed the face of Europe y Napoleons career is seen in 2 ways1 New kind of monarchy 2 danger to established orders
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