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March Notes

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Kenneth Bartlett

March Notes March 2 2011Fin De SiecleFranceheld public electionsradical leadersParis commune city governmentAfter the French provisional government had to yield to the Germansreparations The provisional government acceptedGerman soldiers surrounding Paris left and were replaced with FrenchAdolph Thiers d 1877head of the French armyHe ruled over Pariswas a terrible time in French historyBurned down the Tweetery PalaceThe troops of the provisional government were successfulThe French army entered Paris Over half of the communars were executedLost Alsace and LorraineThe example of the commune raised awarenessensured the power of the statestate would be a conservative middle class stateThe Republic that emergedunnatural and unstableone of the longest lasting experiments in history 18751940survived because the monarchists had a death wish3 camps1 wanted the last person from Bourbon to be king2 The Napoleonic heir3 another personAll hated each other Marshal McMann wanted a king but since they couldnt agree the Republic survivedNo strong leadershipCrisis after crisisthreatened the integrity of the stateGeorges Boulanges d 1891Did what Napoleon didStaged a coup detatesbut before he could he ran away and committed suicide on the grave of his loveHe became the worst scandal in French historyAlfred DryfusDryfus Affair Case 1894He was accused of selling secrets to the GermanHe represented all that was wrong in FranceA few spokesman defended himEmile Zolaopen lettersJaccuseAnd some politicianGeorge ClemenceauThey used their power to go against the people against DryfusDemanded a new verdictThe French army refusedFinally 1906happy to see he was exonerated and given the legion of honorused victory to weaken the extreme right of FranceThe basis of the French Right wingafter 1906recreation of the French RevolutionThe Roman Catholic Church was disestablishedResulted in the final separation of Church and Statebecame a secular stateSecularism and Republicanismlaid to restIn doing thisvictory of the Republican leftmost of the institutionhigh ranking civil servants were completely alienatedNew calls of antisemitismThe victory wasnt very completeUnde the second Empirethe Trade unions were kept under controlBut latercould be no accommodation with the Bourgeouis stateThey were blunted by a charismatic leaderJohn Jouresdemocratic SocialismSuccesses of the working class movementFrance remained hostile of the socialistAfraid of the happening of 1791The result wasafter the series of multiple fights1910republic had crushed the power of the national trade movement1914Republic represented nobody rd 3 republic no one respectedonly the ones who it suited the bestThe army was disaffected and socialist also rd When war came the greatest sacrificesthe 3 republic represented very fewFrances great enemy GermanyBismarkmade a huge new stateThe key responsibilities were granted to the emperorWilhelm I Kaiser 18711888There was a control that made Germany democraticThe Reichstag could veto the lawBismarck was extremely liberalRemarkable feeling of protection pride and comfortFelt they were part of a grand experimentLike its capital Berlin the imperial leadership didnt matterBismarck wasnt satisfied with building a democratic statewanted to ensure that the imperial state would have their power
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