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University of Toronto St. George
Spencer Barrett

HISTORY LECTURE The Wars of Religion Trent 15451563 Roman Inquisition 1542I Loyola 14911556Jesuits Philip II 155698William of Orange d1584Guise vs Bourbon Henry IV Bourbon 15891610 Nantes 1598Les PolitiquesOne of the great lessons taught by state religious builders was that the power of the state can in fact should be used in order to control citizens to act and think and believe in predetermined ways Idea of extraordinary criminal behavior was central mechanism in operation of states Individual rights and rights of the citizen can in fact be superseded by collective rights of the state In early modern Europe after reformation idea was abroad everywhere Roman church is result of reformation Lost a lot because of Martin Luther and friends Church realized they had to fight backIn order to ensure they had a tight control and stop any further losses roman church reorganized itself as a centralized powerful monarchy to try and survive and undo the processes the protestants did Paul III was determined to restructure the roman church Abuses in the church had to be addressed The only way to do this was restructure the church and reorganized it They created a new idea of the church that would be informed by a general council which would have the authority to redefine the faith and reinforce it Trent problems of church were so deepMost important matter was determined here Traditions of teachings had a role to play Free will was endorsed predestination rejected Artists architects were to turn churches into heaven Central authority the pope was re affirmed and recognized Church was to remain a theocratic monarchy with pope in charge with nobody challenging him Roman InquisitionEstablished in Rome It was centralized Individual men and women their needs and books had to be removed
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