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University of Toronto St. George
Spencer Barrett

STHISTORY LECTURE NOVEMBER 1 REALIGNMENT OF EUROPE Fundamental changes social economic political etc New political ideologies and social organizationsIn order to look at these situations we need to examine the continent There was an ththeconomic shift that charactarised the 15 and 16 century From Mediterranean to Atlantic borders The trade with Constantinople was the beginning of this mercantile system Weve seen the demand for these goods and this had an effect on stimulating social and economical aspects All of these things are results of money and objects moving around export and importProblem a series of events took place that shattered the mercantile system and change needed to occur In 1453 Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks The continuation of Roman rule became subject to the Turks The Islamic state grew to become the strongest state The natural result of the Ottoman victory was brutal war Economic social and religious based war The Christians were not as well favoured in this war as the Islamic Turks They were taking more and more of the Christian territory towards the Ottoman EmpireSerbia and Bosnia was taken by 1460 Trade was taken as well and the rich trading began to fall destroying what was left Not even Italy escaped and this made Europe terrifiedMohammed II 145181conquered the cape of Ontronto He gave a choice either convert to Islam or be killed The women sought refuge but Mohammed had them killed With the death of Mohammed they decided to attack everything further Persia and Syria and Egypt fell 1516 1517 days of the Revolution and the nature of the Roman Church The Isla
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