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The Communist Manifesto was written in 1848 by two of Europe.docx

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Spencer Barrett

Karl Marx Adam Bernstien 1899 The democratic republicEvolutionary socialism Proletarian revolution Considering labour improvements for proletarian Bernstiens ideasLenin 19171870 communist policitian Russian movement He produced lenininsm as a Russian type of communism New face of capitalism is imperialism To secure the monopolyraw materials as the coal n iron industries for capital Robert owen owners of factories should focus onMarx suggested radical U take the negative aspects and diluting the lower classed by making it attractive to them ur actually having a better life now then before ur stuck in place Provacasism everything leads to this day the struggle bw classes Why didnt anyone rise against to stop division before marx Capitalism does It worked out in Russia because it wasnt industrial therefore lenin took this because Marxism wouldwork Lenin WW1 19141918The Communist Manifesto was written in 1848 by two of Europes German revolutionary socialist thinkers Karl Marx 18181883 and Friedrich Engels 18201895 Karl Marx was born to a welloff middleclass Jewish family in Trier Germany In 1835 Mark attended the University of Bonn but because of his fathers demands he later on admitted to the University of Berlin where he will be exposed to Georg
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