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Kenneth Bartlett

Nationalism Key terms Carbonari Panslavism Mazzini (1805-77) Louis Kossuth (1802-94) Klemens von Metternich (1773-1859) Camillo di Cavour (1810-61) Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-82) th - Nationalism: religion of the 19 C - Ideas that some nations are better than others - Sense of national identification - In some ways it was positive - Fictional unification of Italy by Napoleon and then Poland - Growth of national sense of determination was also negative - Negative in Spain were against the foreign monarch, and the constitution - Nationalism was in a sense irrational - Congress of Vienna was not discussed: national sense of determination - Nationalism was identified with republicanism and other negative outcomes of the French Revolution - Poland and Italy were again absorbed into old empires - Europeans felt that nationalism was past of oppression and response to the Napoleonic wars - No attempts to create a new set of states based on national identification - National feelings which were excited by the French did not disappear - Revolt of the Poles - 1848: forces beyond traditional empires were at work - Germanism free trade customs union united Germanic states (all except Austria) - Was recognized as a political necessity - The German Confederation - Purely economic goals gave rise to a political unification
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