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The Middle Class

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University of Toronto St. George
Kenneth Bartlett

th HIS 109 The Conditions of the Poor January 26 2011 Louis- August Blanqui (1805-1881) Louis Blanc (1811-1882) Tolpuddle Martyrs, 1834 Chartist Movement, 1836-42(W.Lovett) Robert Owen (d. 1858) - Diseases in the factories. Factory Fever disease that usually had to do with bacterial born infection. Because they swept through factories they were known as factory fevers. Once one person was sick with factory fever, it spread quite rapidly. The only way to contain factory fever would be to quarantine those infected. The employers didnt want to shut down the factories because losing a weeks production meant losing their markets. Even the workers who suffered the most were willing to take a chance so they would be paid. - Low ceilings because it was cheaper and had few windows to allow natural light to come through, no means of ventilization. No sanitary facilities at all. Workers were not allowed to leave their machines. And since there were no sanitary facilities it did not matter that they were not allowed to leave. Since there were children running around, they would knock over the human waste which contributed to factory fever. - The factories were filthy until people worked after factory hours to clean them up - Blanqui was a terrorist in the 1830 40 50s - The revolut
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