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Kenneth Bartlett

Economic structure of medieval Europe Agricultural based society Largest generator of wealth and status of poor Between 400 and 700 BC population of Europe declined Due to disruption and disease brought by the barbarians Sophisticated Roman system couldnt be maintained by barbarians No motivation for agricultural innovation grew what was easy to cultivate and grew what you needed Yields not improved due to small population Lands that were difficult to cultivate were abandoned 300yrs agriculture stagnated progressed primitively thth 8 and 9 century three field crop rotation replaces the two field method Could leave 13 fallow by growing crops that helps the quality of the soilProduced more foodDisease abated and the population rose with increase in food productivity and better nutritionFurther technological innovations had massive ramificationsIntroduction of wheeled plow pulled by horses peasants became rich enough to afford livestock Peasant diet lacked protein while the diet of the nobility had too much9095 of European population was peasantryLived in villages bc agriculture was a community ventureLand was organize
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