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History Notes- 3/9/2011 Can’t hear anything so will not write notes unfortunately. Possibly talking about war? Friedrich Weber, last guy who had any authority to speak for the German people, what was he to do though? He was a democrat. Basically German transition of power and crises involved during near the end of the war, domestic issues of Germany. How to restore order when all of the agencies of the government had ceased to exist. The groups on the far left were trying to form Bolshevik revolutions, modeled after the successful one in Russia. Armed marches, demonstrations etc in order to spark revolt. Spartacus demonstrations, needed to be stopped etc. Because of the large number of parties and the rivalries amongst them, the new parliament found itself to be unstable. Weber was elected the first Priemer and had to form a coalition to get anything done. First they had to make a peace treaty with the allies, and then someone had to draw up a constitution, then needed to restore order and provide food and fuel for the population. The first attempt at making peace almost resulted in a reignition of hostilities. The idea that the war was lost was still not accepted by many German people, so many german officers believed that the army could have continued they believed this because they were not told otherwise. Once a meeting was convened the War minister realized that there was simply no war hardware available, and the allies were just superior with their armies still intact in the trenches. The myth that the german army was not defeated became part of the collective consciousness in Germany and believed they had been stuck in the back by the internationalists, the socialists, the communists anyone and everyone. The Germans largely believed this because the alternative was worse, humiliation. In part to cover this humiliation and in part to save the reputation of the former army, and this ru
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