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University of Toronto St. George
Brian Beaton

HIS202 Lecture 3 1242012 20900 PM th18 century is this great age of classification enlightenment centres like London Paris Berlin Philadelphiay not exactly very sophoisticated Dont need any background in anything y growing interest in taxonomy grouping etcVersion 1 y Inventing Sex Inventing Racethy What happens in the late 18 century there is a collision of that classification culture with the age of revolutions y 17701790sy Birth of American republicwho can be a citizenAmerican Revolution a story about elites and elite culture y Saw the emergence of an obvious colonial eliteruling class starts to emerge 1700sSchlessinger Archives at Harvardththy Conduct Manuals from the 17 and 18 century o Fascinating offer glimpse into ruling class were talking aboutcolonial elites o Republications from elsewhere of social customs o They would train themselves to act british so to speak to follow social order and rankingsHow did the colonial elite achieve independence for the colonies y Forged revolution through rhetoric of equality y Key Ideas o Challenged divine right of kings and inherited aristocracy o Called for indiviual freedoms of thought expression end of religious discrimination y In Theory and rhetoric tho Revolutions of late 18 century establish modern social order in which individual rights and liberties were to be equal among all
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