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University of Toronto St. George
Brian Beaton

HIS202 Lecture 4 1312012 21900 PM The take home test is meant to be a SYNTHESIS of the materials Lectures readings tutorial discussion etc y Use it as an opportunity to show off your skillsExcellent answer will y Demonstrate ability to create synthesis y Ability to use different types of sources y Presence in lecture and notetaking y Active engagement with tutorial y Ability to select good examples y Organizational skillsprosewe already know the answer to the question y task is to put together interesting performance of your knowledge y be clear and directinterestingththis weeks reading drop us into the 19 century y trying to be empirical about the two sexes make the data fit into some larger theoretical framework y no one was overly concerned with precision y anxieties and tensions among Victorian men trying to document and theorize difference between sexes y borrowing reqorking of countless competing theories No agreement y often impossible to follow blend of biological and sociological vocabularieswomen called everything from y uncivilized y overcivilized y inadequate y deficient y complimentary y degenerate y not fully grown y inherently flawed
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