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This morningnesstodays lectureDescribes how recent these decisions to be against race actually areTodaySex as biological category o Just as there emerged new ways of forming antiracist arguments o There were new ways of arguing against naturalness of malefemale splitTransforming Sex Inventing Gender o In the early 20thc the term sex covered a range of phenomenaSignified male and female biological senseTraits attitudes and behaviors associated with men and womenErotic acts sex itself sexuality o Despite pliability of the term the word sexMost experts adhered to biological determinismTraits known as masculine and feminine said to spring from the biological processes that divided male and female o How sexed bodies came into being the male and female division18thc culture of classificationVictorian male scientist perceived womens bodies to be feminine down to the last details o Until quite recentlySexgendersexuality were often confused or conflated even within the sciencesNot yet understood or defined as separate domains of scientific studies o Middle of the 20thcVarious experts begin to disentangle sex into several separate domains of study and analysisThat which was formerly called sex became three thingsBiological sex chromosomes genes genitals hormones and other physical markers many of which can be modifiedGender used to discuss masculinity femininity and the behaviors commonly associated with themSexuality erotic urges fantasies behaviorsReadingsShow us qualities that sexed bodies acquired in the early 20thcKEY we see efforts to pin down at molecular level what makes a male or a femaleKEY concept of hormones o Definition chemical messengers that regulate physical processes in living organisms o Hormones initially conceptualized as the chemical messengers of masculinity and femininity eg what makes a man a man o Initially thought to originate only in sex glands o Idea of sex hormones arguably the culmination of a particular medical vision of the sexed body the one weve been following o Sex hormones traveling through ones blood meant all organs and functions shaped by sex
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