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Brian Beaton

Final Exam Question Drawing on material from both lecture and readings explain the significances of the following three moments of history of gender race and science Late 18th late 19th and early 20th and mid 20thc Aim for internal coverage tell the story of gender race and science form the 3points in time External Part onecurrently interest in history of eugenicsOverview of eugenics and geneticsDisinterested sciencePart two Uplift and assimilationoSettlement house movement and sociologyeugenics There is a tremendous interest in eugenics nowWe live in a moment right now were we manipulate lifeoHarvest eggsoCloningoStem cellsoPrenatal screeningoOvary arm transplantsoOrgan transplantsoBiotechnologyDiscussion about designer babiesThis is why there is a current interestNew technologies allow an everincreasing number of people to become parentsBut likewise allow these same parents to prescreening offspring for particular traitsUsing stats and surveys matching people eharmonyBut current science and tech not inherently eugenic Difference most of the contemporary genetic engineering and biotech framed language ofindividual market choiceNot state project of purificationMore like bio consumerismBut other possibilities loom A private insurance companies could require prenatal genetic testing Sterilization debates continue regarding welfare recipients example recent British proposal totemporarily sterilize teensOverview of eugenics Eugenics as term coined 1883
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