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Lecture 17

lecture 17 20 11 2012 empire papacy.odt
lecture 17 20 11 2012 empire papacy.odt

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University of Toronto St. George
Isabelle Cochelin

His220 20 11 2012 the empire and the papacy • last week—feudal monarchs or kings • part of 1 and 2 act king in barbarian west were first warriars, rule with consul of most faithful companions, , more often then not elected and percieved to be electer to be war leaders • elected ruling with consul of faithful war leaders and self first and foremorest a war leader • decline in importance of war leaders 2 act – 12 centuryh • most barbarian kings were elected or transmitted titles from father to son but percieved in those days son elected by war eladers—look at empires situation is different although there are similarities • kings in west recognized the supremacy of the empire, emperor head of the hierarchy in the WEST • today evolution of empier and emperor in west—roman empire, christianity and church, barbarian world—3 traditions making up the medieval west first act of opera • end of roman empire • emperors began in beginning of roman empire—isitore of cive—famous bishop wrote the book called the etimmologieds was the setting of hte knowledge of the west—roman empire of which other kingdoms are dependecies • roman empire—emperor above the kings but also this desire to universal empire above the whole world—also a christian empire ruling over the whole world • ideal transmitted over roman empire in first act of opera • in charge of both the religous interest but of hte temperal issues • image of emperor changed from image of augustus the frist emperor • this ruler had claim of theoretically runnign the whole universe • christian empire narrated through the west—tales of individuals going to wars at the end of 12 th century • in england the roman buildings still remain were constructed by giants—myth of roman empire, christian universal with emperor at teh head that transmitted to 3 act, myth would decline tarnished ideal • the myth of conversion to christianity constantine • representation of this myth—roma santi quattri coronate, saint sylvester cahpel circa 1246 • here is this tale thaat appeared in the 5 century—what happened in the 5 century in west roman empire—collapse--last roman emperor deposed • little augustus—little importance in west, last emperor in west, deposed in 476 • tale is the story of conversion of ocnstantine—in picture hes suffering form lead poisoning— first emperor in west who recognized christianity, 5 century he converted while suffering from lepracy—christcleans out lepracy • means impurity and sinful life • take body of infants, kill them bathe in their blood—typical accusation against religons you want to discredit—constantine hesitating, moved by tears of mothers of infants, decided to avoid killing htem and tried another solution • went to bed—2 individuals come to him in his sleep, they say follow us to this place outside of rome • slide 2 • see certain men who will heal him • constantine goes away and tris to find where the men led him in the dream • finds sylvester bishop of rome, shows painting of peter and paul asks if those are the men, he syas yes, sylvester says okay gives him a bathe of baptism and constantine cured • criticism against pagan murders • strong criticism against emperor, osmeone dirty who needs to be cleaned, cleaning him obtains the baptism—the bishop of rome were often the ones defending the obedience to christianity • how was sylvester repayed for good deed—5 century myth, nothing, hes paid in 8 c th continuation of tail • slide 3 • theodora th • in the west by 5 century, western part of roman empire disapeared—marolingian kingdom did recognize theoretically the supremacy of the byzantine empire but if you look at the historians of byzantine empire you call it the roman empire • roman empire simply went on from 320 on wards th • western part of the empire—indeed by the 6 century—justinian that was mentioned last week, the emperor justinan tried to reconstruct this roman empire—regain the western part of the empire—he had among his generals.. didnt hear • 547—famous chapel slide 3 • tried o reconsturct hte roman empire, in this context, onstruction of the book logo that collected many emperors • constructed the beautiful hagia sophia—slide 4 • sldie 5 fresca—give you a sense of teh artistic, politcal, freightening empire • according to greek historians, roman empire fell in 453 when ottomans took over, turkish say roman empire was continued by ottomans • all a question of perspective for when the empire stopped or where it went on surviving • justinina tried to recreate the roman empire in early 6 century and failed • didnt last long • most fell to the lombards and some fell to the muslim warriors byzantine emperor and pope • emperor vs pope power struggle • everytime popes elected theyd send money to byz emperor lasted until 744 • various factors lead to the ending
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