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Lecture 15

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Isabelle Cochelin

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HIS220 08 11 2012 development of kingship: england and france nd • Henry 2 of england • no class or tutorial • henry ii • think of limitations of medeival monarch • personal bonds with vassal disfunctional leaves king powerless • personal bonds importance of family—inheritacne succession • troubled in back of mind—how describing their private property or their state—how do you seperate these two in lecture—it means your on the right track—theyre very similar • pay attention to explosion between secular and ecclesiastical authority in life of henry • learned by watching or looking at tapestry—william 1 and william teh conquerer subdues the north duke of normandy king of england comes to a sorry end—one key and weird situation— hes king of england in own right, his overlord as duke of normandy means hes under king of france pwoer • thinks eh put situation to bed when he dies, three sons • older son gives normandy—dearest to heart • wiliam gives england • henry he gives money and no land at all • his body is stripped of all clothes jewelery left naked on the floor, until people find his body— king is dead no new king, left him on the ground • william rufus—comes to questionable end, bowman kills him in hunt accidnetally • henry who has nothing runs and seizes the treasure and becomes king of england • henrys grandfather gets his crown—sounds like an assassination not sure • henry 1 , many children illegitimate—daughter of king of scotland whose a nun—marries her, takes a woman who belongs to god (another) has 1 osn with her and 20 illegitimate children • unfortunately son combines drinking and boating—disaster of white ship—crossing from normandy and dies in boating accident • succeeded in life, king of england and dulke of normandy but has no sons—lathes hopes onto daughter mathilda—married to holy roman emperor---calls her self empress although no outstanding relationship to germany—henry gathers his vassals together and swear that they'll give his inheritance to daughter mathilda—stephen swears this oath that he will let her become queen of england • not weird that woman is in power but that have to gather vassals together to swear they'[ll follow your inheritance wishes • do you all consent to my child to take over my thrown—cant break the oath because you'll lose honour • henry dies and maud becomes (mathilda) queen—stephen announces himself as king ansd takes control of england—would be the end—geffrey of anjou mauds wife, vassal of french king, darkest red part he controls on map on slide • young and vigorous, famed for red hair, according to legend supernatural ancestry—shape shifting woman—fairy or demon mysterious, variou slegends hes descendant from supernatural creaturend • henry 2 born from these two st • born before henry 1 dies so when mathilda loses control of crown which she never had because of stephen, looks at 2 yr old son whose been disinherited • in order to pursue claim to throne maud launches war called feudal anarchy • basic story of anarchy, vassals used this to become independant of crown—one day you support one next the other sdie, can do whatever yo uwant • 1149-- • civil war, mathilda doesnt accomplish much but jeffrey does—invades normandy and takes it— has in control the dark red and normandy on map • other important developments for young henry—elenor of occratane—huge dark purple chunk owns lots • louis and elenor dont get along, annulment form of divorce—not really married anyway— related in prohibited degrees • technicality that gets you out of marriage • elenore takes aquitaine with her—falls in love with henryii • vassal of kign fo fracne • stephens only son dies—henry is going to invade england—when i die you will be king of negland in year of that agreement stephen dies and henry takes it • jefffrey hands over land to henry without argument • henry as king---takes over country damaged by war and errosian for authority of king, henry destroys castles of vassaals wihtout royal permission—reestablishes royal authority by reevoking memory of grandfather henry the 1 st • disingenuous, new things caliming their old • development of english commonlaw and beaurocracy • looking at how big his possessions are, always travelling around, has to rely on beurocrats, thomas beckett is one of these beaurocrats • henrys empire is a perosnaly empire, he holds all these titles at one time, it will be divided when he dies • cant eb talking about it as empire only thing holding it together is henry being alive • all holdings in france still vassals fo french king not his own • part of develoing court of beaurocrats • needs trained and literate people to help hold this together • becket and henry work v
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