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Isabelle Cochelin

th September 11 2012 HIS220 Shape of Medieval Society • the book of hours—painting--medieval society thought of as dark depressing and rigid, but it is much more complex course trying to prove its sophistication • duc de berry produced the book of hours ◦ great lover of art ◦ filled his castles ◦ first painting or book cover is an image of hell, looks dark, but imagine church dominating everything is simp[listic thinking, bishop getting beheaded and first to go to hell are members of the clergy, how much then can the church be manipulating the public ◦ yes a religous text, but notiong of beuaty is important in these books • painting of duc du berry—in the middle highly hierarchized ◦ month of january, people exchanging gifts ◦ painting of this exchange of gifts, duc de berry in his beautiful clothes ◦ the book of hours also a place for self glorification, not just a dominating religous text • another painting of castle of Etampes (Chateau d'Etampes) ◦ another self glorificaiton, beauty of possessions, and palce of pleasure, enjoy beauty of images ◦ hunting ◦ august month of harvesting, peasants in field cutting the hay ◦ half naked plunging into the river ◦ in medeival ages not absolute kings or sovereignty ◦ cleaner era than middle ages or how percieved th • 15 century peasant ◦ wore wool cloth ◦ silk imports or wool hugest imports for medeival ages ◦ simple hand made cloack • jean pucelle ◦ picture made for the queen ◦ 1322, gift made by husband for her on coronation or marriage date ◦ have marginalia, images in teh margins that make the reading more difficult ◦ on the rght announciation, mary mother of jesus presented by angel gabriel that sehd be bearing the son of god or future christ ◦ reading book of hours that shes holding theoretically ◦ hoping to come pregnant ◦ they didnt have children, huge problem of transmission of heirs to teh throne ◦ listening to angels, while women are disrupting the piece and playing with men ◦ jeannae d'evreux-daughter of king louis the 9 th ◦ kin
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