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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Isabelle Cochelin

th September 13 , 2012 HIS220 • time and space ◦ actions and passions of humans ◦ what are passions? Latin means to suffer ◦ histories about suffering and actions ◦ start by beign self critical, prejudices own actions and passions, then think about other peoples ◦ motives—to move, things that move you to act or suffer in particular ways ◦ money sex and power, but what else, do they move you to crime or to other things ◦ its what it is you love that moves it, how well they love—love it too much, appropriately, generous • medieval—medi = middle—eval = ages ◦ end of roman empire to the beginning of printing press ◦ end of roman empire 500ad to beginning of renaissance 1200ad ◦ people in the middle age thought they were in the middle of the beginning of earth and judgement day ◦ beginning was the first coming of christ, “AD” the first time christ resurected • spend some time thinking about microgreography ◦ wyh youd plant grain where you do ◦ why rivers are important ◦ think abuot history in terms fo macrogeography ◦ begin to be familiar with the geography of middle europe ◦ the rivers, the mountain ranges, possibilities for trade connections ◦ monestary's—think about a church and the way it works, think about one geographically, the people who act and suffer in these places ◦ look at the sun to tell the time ◦ church time vs merch
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