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Lecture 4

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Isabelle Cochelin

September 25 , 2012 his220 th th th • late 10 to late 13 century weather warmer than normal, by 14 century great variations in weather very cold winters • wine plays important role in weekly celebrations on sunday • there was harvesting of grape in september october • october november sough the land weed the grains prepare earth with wheat • winter grains, typial ativities in falls • november also when trees are cut, need wood for the winter, the pigs roam in the forest so they become fleshy and fat • little pigs need to be quite fat, by december you need to kill them, cant feed all wild stock over winter • winter months besides the fire, cut the wood • spring—diffiult for peasants to survive, lack of food, agricultural practices went on and on • peasant sharpening inside • comments were centered on the land that dominates in europe • herdsman living in mountains • and wheat producers on land • majority of peasant life but not the totality • transhumans—spain--bring sheep up into mountains to feed themselves and than bring them down in winter to sheer them and eat some—existed for 1000 of years • winter grains harvested in summer • diagram in course reader—at anytime grains more than half of their diet—any change in production had a huge impact on society • map of france—green is all leaf plant other is green oak—various ways of opposing south and north, complex differences • meditereanean is south of
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