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Vasilis Dimitriadis

HIS241H1-#6 Lecture The Revolutions of 1830 Congress of Vienna - Supported by Conservatism o Established the balance of power (stability) o Reinstated the monarchy o Suppressed revolution - Ignored Nationalism and Liberalism o Bit them in their arse  Exception of Greek revolution, all defeated New Wave of Revolution in the 1830‟s - Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, Hambach, Warsaw, Bologna deeply affected o Not in the periphery but the heart of Europe - Liberalism and Nationalism pretty much alive o Ideologies still persisted  Deep roots in Europe (military defeat was not enough) 1. Manifestation throughout Europe France - Reaction & Repression o Louis XVIII and Quadruple Alliance  Strong conservatism 1. 1824, ultras (extreme right) in France in power but mild govn‟t o Charles X  Sept 16, 1824, Charles X, brother of Louis XVIII at the age of 66  Wanted to regain the lost privileges of absolutist monarchy 1. In every aspect, pursue this goal 2. He is not a push-over - Coronation took 5 hours, followed every rule as prescribed by the ancient French tradition - Tried to play the role of an absolute monarch  Granted power to Jesuit Congregation 1. French education (Primary) passed over to the Church 2. secular government - Altar and Crown  Antagonized French middle class and liberal members of aristocracy 1. Vehement to demonstrate church as a central pillar of French society  Defame Church- execution 1. Sacrilege not acceptable  Adamant on paying back the lost land and money to Aristocrats 1. Changing an agreement with French bank 2. Loan sold to French middle class 5% lowered to 3% - Difference billion francs  To pay back aristocracy and high clergy - Antagonized both sides of the political atmosphere  Aristocracy wanted more  Bourgeois indignant o Alexis de Tocqueville  Hatred of religion 1. Caused the downfall of re-established Bourbon monarchy (1 of the key) o Martignac  Maintaining moderate policies 1. Charles X fired Martignac - Formed a new government based solely on ultras  Polignac  Only member to not swear an oath to the constitution  Bourmont  Only general to betray Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo  Head of the army  La Bourdonnaye  Aristocrat associated w/ white terror o Great deal of massacre of republicans and former Napoleon supporters  Ultra conservative government 1. 220/340 members voted against the government - Vote of no-confidence 2. Charles the X suspended the parliament - Postponed the election for two months  Elections held in March  Reconfirmed the opposition against his govn‟t o 25 July, 1830 (Charles X‟s greatest mistake)  Issued four ordinances 1. Suspend the parliament - Dissolve it 2. Call new elections 3. Limit the French vote - Richest of the rich 4. Greater censorship - Eliminate Press  Charles X did not prepare for the military showdown Revolution „Encore‟ - Deposed Charles the X o Son voted in? - Louis Philippe o The new king of France (Bourbon Monarchy ended)  French historian agree that the Revolution of 1830 culminated the France
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