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Sept 16

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Dana Philpott

September 16 course tools - UT self sign up pick tutorial time submit The French Revolution Background [3 critical factors that lead to a full blown revolution; without all three it is more of a riot] o political French used to be one of the greatest powers in Europe if not the most powerful state dominated all aspects of life engaged for a century and a half in warfare and continually losing undermines its power losing war one after another, a domestic challenge grew to the absolutist monarchy confounded by Fr undergoing serious financial crisis brought on by being engaged in war for so long treasury itself was chaotic no bookkeeping which meant that the monarchy didnt have a clue how much money came in and went out if were successful no one would criticize however once they kept losing people grew opposed France decided to support Amer revolution and while they did win the war, it cost Fr so dearly it brought Fr to the brink of bankruptcy 1788 summer: state declared bankruptcy as it couldnt pay interest on loans, had to suspend all state activities financial crisis leads to social crisis o social French social structure was broken into three estates (clergy nobility commoners) Louis XVI had to call the Estates General which hadnt been called in 165 years because of the crisis EG wanted to meet along traditional lines separated into three partsestates previously, all three would vote separately
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