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sept 21

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Dana Philpott

September 21 primary legacy of FR o slogan: liberty, equality and brotherhood o offering Fr people new society, structure and future o abolishment of feudalism o declaration of rights and man o in the first times in the eyes of the law, everyone was equal o international impact: by offering assistant to all subjugated people, the Revolution was exported out of Fr and into Europe threatening the existence of any single monarchy Napoleon emerged from Rev o short, punitive man o made up with ambition and egomania Napoleonic era in Fr and Europe seen as continuation of Rev [3 stage o Nov 9, 1789 he declared this clergy and nobility didnt really participate in creating the new constitution majority created by rd 3 estate Napoleon born in Corsica o nation that didnt really like to belong to Fr and wanted to be an independent state o separatist movement in Corsica to this day that wants to separate from France N realized that Corsica wouldnt be able to break away realized fate lies in Fr N distinguished himself early on in Toulon huge military asset saved it from being taken o by British became instant celebrity in Paris in 17saved revolution by firing canons into crowd that demonstrated clearly support for Re revolutionists didnt like N as he was such a popular figure decided to send him away [to It to fight for Rev
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