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Sept 23

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University of Toronto St. George
Dana Philpott

September 23 Restoration of Europe N was a noble but a low ranking noble extraordinary he rose to so much power more bloody battles on continent than in past 3 centuries combined N himself destroyed entire state system of Europe; personally nearly overthrew monarchs going back thousands of years o in all of these, he nominated himself as the head of the political entity [in not himself, his siblings] in attempt to create a Napoleonic dynasty shaped mentality of the ruling elites 1815 shipped his to the island of St. Helens, as far as possible from Europe, to ensure he couldnt return o it was there he died in 1823 Europe wanted to make sure they created s systems that would prevent the rise of on individual to such incredible power as N had Congress of Vienna ongress of all princes of Europe starting in 1814 which lasted to fall of 1815 o ironed out issue relating to ideological and political stability and territorial issues Quadruple Alliance 1815 o Br, Rus, Prus and Austria [Hapsburg Empire] agreed to created a military alliance, the Quadruple Alliance, that would commit over half a million soldiers combined o purpose: make sure Fr would never dominate Europe again o this military alliance would immediately kick in whenever there was a threat from Fr and overwhelm the Fr, hereby maintaining the status quo o ideological aspect: concept itself would also undermine the continent Fr Rev instigated 2 ideas that thereafter Europe would try to deal with: nationalism and liberalism o Br did not sign = dont care about such issues other states made up of multi-religious and multi cultural peoples
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