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Sept 28

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Dana Philpott

September 28 Congress of Vienna Quadruple Alliance, Holy Alliance o one to pin down Fr, one to make sure Rev would never spread intellectual backlash also resulted century and a half or 2, theological backlash emergence of conservatism and romanticism Conservatism must preserve society! otherwise would result in chaos and bloodshed preserve previous social structure, the good of society, the well-establish trades, customs an traditions and naturally the well-established hierarchy In theory Enlightenment o French Revolution o Liberalism o Conservatism Joesph de Maistre o along the same ideologies of Burke but there are some major differences also argued that FR was a negative occurrence that brought in such an upheav for the populatondestroyed well-established traditions customs and traditions are good and we should hol d on to them FR attacked throne and altar ost important pillars of Fr any time a revolutionary movement tries to undermine one or both, than naturally it is inevitable that you will end up with a dictatorship and a reign of terror to avoid such destruction and loss of life every society must hold on and preserve both of these institutions throne just as important because it is the brain of each society that offers socie to all of society
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