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oct 5

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University of Toronto St. George
Dana Philpott

October 5 by and large, the roots of the revolts was based on liberalism and nationalism or the combination of the two purpose of Congress of Vienna: to uphold old order Greek revolt Br fear: if they didnt get involved, the Russians would dominate the Balkans o Fr would not stay behind and got involved o result: defeat of Ottoman empire and sinking of their fleet otherwise, Italian, Sp and Portuguese revolts defeated demonstrated, however, one important thing: ideal of liberalism and nationalism couldnt be defeated no m atter what effort the Great Powers put in o the ideology couldnt be contained a decade after, a new wave of revolutions swept throughout Europe o not, like the previous revolts, on the outskirts of Europe but in its heart creation of Holy Alliance and Quadruple Alliance was not enough to quell the people who wa a representative government The Revolutions of 1830 France new revolution in Fr that disrupts existing European order When France sneezes, the rest of Europe catches cold Reaction and Repression Jesuit Congregation Chevaliers de la Foi o knights of fire established in 1810 o ultra ultras (extreme right) o goal: re-establish absolutist monarchy of pre-revolution times rest of population wanted a middle road Charles X (Rheims)
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