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Liberal Europe Pt. 2.

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Dana Philpott

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Liberal Europe Pt. 2 The Paris Commune: divided working class and socialists into 2 parts: one continuing with idea of Marxism, and other were anarchists, denouncing Marxists attempts and centralized social system -they employed Anarchist means to achieve their objective through terrorism and assassinations, yet they were labelled as Marxists -there were social intellectuals who saw no need in violence, as it will destroy the movement itself, and decided to follow a path through negotiations -Marxists themselves divided: some thought they should continue with violent overthrow of system, while others thought they should concentrate on educating workers and lower classes and start demanding more social system in that manner Thiers: -argued to create a political system that was least divisive -tried hard to distance himself and republicans from Paris commune -By 1873, 2 years after defeat of commune, conseratives fired Thiers and appointed conservative present and sought to achieve their goal since 1848: the re-establishment of French monarchy (Third Republic) -Compte de Chambord demanded throne for himself -Compte de Paris also sought thrown -After 2 years, they came to compromise that Compte the Chambord, Bourbon member, to rule over France -since he was hold it was expected he would pass away, and Compte the Paris would quickly take over -based on stubbornness Chambord wanted to also get rid of all symbols of republicanism; he was crowned as king of France under tri-colour flag of France (symbol of French revolution) -he wanted the simple white flag -France never gained a new monarchy -lost potential thrown because he stood up on issue of flag! -conservatives still wanted a conservative leadership; they brought in new president: Marchal Macmahon -one of his main goals was to defeat commune -thought he still has a right to rule over France as a president (Chambord took a while to pass away) -president given equal power to parliament: now we have con. Parliament, and con. President -cons. Tried to manipulate system and bring back conservative monarchy
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