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Age of Masses

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Dana Philpott

Wage-labour socialism no Wage increased almost 20% Able to break through the classes proletariat into the lower, middle-class (moyen-bourgeoisie th Bad breakdown of the family, immediate family in the late 19 century different factories o 11 and under prohibited to working, but some still worked Changed society quickly (in 20 years) o Crime sky rocketed o Hard time adapting to the changes o Turn of the 19 cent. 5 000 reported crime, 1840 20 000, 1890s 100 000 Coincides with the first and second industrial revolution Mental pandemic brought out by the revolution unable to adapt Prostitution always in society however, until now a town would only have one o London 7 million people, had over 100 000 o Paris 25 000 o 18-25 forced into, only way to survive o Governments made some approach to curb it the pros. but not the clients Saw it as a problem of women, not of society o Tried to blame the females (the disease law) o Bourg. cliental not jailed o Catholic states turned blind eye to pros. saw it as the lesser of all evils (sodomy, masturbation) o Had to get permit - British army made up of single men seek pleasure (instead of turning to each other...) Mass education Introduced mandatory public schooling, even though not always enforced , under the age of 11 stayed in the schools for at years 4-5 years
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