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Anthony Cantor

HIS241November 10Kristen Young 1848 Left off with revolt and discontent under the July Monarchy How does the supposedly reformed French monarchy fall to its own revolt within 20years There were periodic outbreaks of discontent about the monarchy under Louis Philippewas known as The Pear There was disrespect for the monarch that was widespread and the government tried tocrack down on it but they werent very successfulo They used the assassination attempts to crack down on freedom of the press because the media supposedly egged on the people who tried to bring down themonarch There was no proletariat but the expansion of industry led to the rise of an urban working class for the first time in Franace and the government werent good at keeping up andtrying to satisfy this growing class within society183134 there were little but significant revolts in the working classoWorked against the liberals oFelt that France needed to return to the revolution idealso The republicans and the new working class came together in order to bring back therevolution Allied with each other against the July Monarchy even though they haddifferent beliefsThe September Lawso Censorship of the press and
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