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Anthony Cantor

HIS241November 17Kristen Young Thinking about the Russian Empire as an Empire There are 2 types of empireoWestern European Britain France NetherlandsTrading empiresOverseas coloniesoMultiethnic multinational states with monarchs ruling over agrarian societiesRussia was a hybrid of the 2 kinds of empireHad been a great power since the mid18th century Has elements of the first type of empire because its successful expansion was due to theadoption of their techniquesWas a Christian society Victims of Russian expansion were normally nomadic MuslimsHuge continental territoryCentralised absolutist bureaucratic monarchyDidnt have economic development that was elemental to western EuropeRussia wondered what type of state it would beoWould it be modern Or part of the declining group Western historians look at Russia in its own category and therefore dont compare it toany other country Some of the pressing contemporary political dilemmas show up during this period ofRussia Key dilemmahow to hold together polities of great empire while keeping up the policiesof nationalism and democracy while bringing forth the economic policiesS
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