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HIS241 - October 4 - Social Change and Industrialization in Britain.docx

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Anthony Cantor

HIS241October 4Kristen Young Social Change and Industrialization in Britain Through industrialization we see more social classes starting to take shapeIdea of Class Identity What makes class the identity that gave people selfidentityThere was a working class but not everyone saw themselves as workersoBrought about multiple definitions for what certain terms meantTalking about the development of class consciousnessoThe selfawareness of a class a social unite that shared ideas and beliefsProletariat the industrial working class definition is MarxistoNot all workers saw themselves this wayoWere somewhat dependent on their own labour to surviveoUnskilledsemiskilled workSelling their skill in order to surviveObjective reality of being the labourerDidnt necessarily see themselves as belonging to the proletariat classoBut could also just mean people at the lowest rung of societyoHad to see themselves as a class apart is a part of the process of class consciousnessArtisans are the example used for class consciousnessoFirst social group to develop this beliefoHad some level of education in order to work in their tradesoHad internal organizationsoWere at the forefront of many of the big social movementsoR
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