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Anthony Cantor

HIS241October 11Kristen Young Most of the population of all social classes attended churchoReligion had a HUGE impact on society 17501850other forms of protestant denominations gained prominance and thechurch of england was failing for its populationEvery one except the Quakers were somewhat CalvinistNonconformity became stronger in the second half of the 18th century1851 Religious CensusoWent and counted heads on a Sundayo There were lots of nonconformers provided over half of the religion in Englandand Waleso5 million potential worshippers Was not evidence of religious dissention mostly people who hadnt hadreligious teaching and felt uncomfortable going into the church settingoHigher levels of religious attendance in Scotland and Wales than in England Methodism meant that other nonconformists groups were higher in Scotland andWalesThere was an erosion of the monopoly of the Church of England The growth of Protestant dissent was related to industrialization and urbanization ofthe British economy Haveto understand the role of the Church of England in order to understand why theabove statement is trueIdea of a state church is entwined with the s
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