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Anthony Cantor

HIS241October 27Kristen Young NationalismNationalism and liberalism are 2 of the things that the congress of Vienna was trying tostop from happeningArose from the upheavals of the end of the 18th centuryRise and the powerful appeal of nationalism has confused peopleIn the 1840s Marx was issuing prophecies about the demise of nationalismoThought that the workers revolutions would get rid of itNationalism is a modern phenomenono The word nation is necessarily modern but the meaning that changes in the 19thcentury is what is modern about ito The old definition is different because nation meant a linguistic and culturalcommunity but very vaguelyWas not a fundamental category of belonging nor a claim to politicalsovereigntyo In the modern era it usually refers to a population with characteristics that bind ittogether Some of this idea arose because of the French Revolution that thought of the nation assovereignoBy virtue of belonging to the nation you have a whole bunch of rightsoThe nation as a community of citizens in whom sovereignty is investedThe communities werent created with the modern idea but the idea reshaped themNationalism was the doctrine that the community focused on thr
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