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HIS241December 1Kristen Young Modernity Mass politics and mass societyTalking about the 2 in distinction to the elite version of them The antiSemitic movements are part of the mass politics mass society that waspresentOrigins and Effects Later phase of industrialisationthe second industrialisationoLast third of the century 1850 oChanged the focus from production to consumption There was originally a focus on textiles but technological innovations allowed for a change of focus that equalled refining of the products and a strengthening of theindustries Germany was able to quickly emerge as a major rival to Britain even though it industrialised very late in the game since it wasnt the head of a world wide empireand was able to concentrate more on its industry aloneo Had also annexed AlsaceLorraine that would allow it to have more industrialpoweroHad also become a leader in the chemical industry There was a diversification of the use of chemicals within industry to make it more profitable in other parts of the country 95 of the chemicalindustry was owned by GermanyIn Britain there was more focus on consumerismoTheir focus on chemicals was more on soapoIt was more about mass society than the actual production itselfo Suggests that there was a mass base of consumers that was created throughthese technologies and through the mediaoCreated a unified national level consumer cultureo There was a shared public sphere that was created alongside industrialisation inthis periodMass society comes out of the sociology of industrialisationoCultural and social ramifications that effected the nationoWas a defining feature of modernityo Elite society has a small interconnected group that dominates everything thiswas a reaction to that it was about everyone not a select fewo Rise of state bureaucracy disrupted these distinctions and therefore allowed forthe creation of mass societyo Standardized and centralised institutions that were run by the state facilitatedthisoPeople were connected beyond the local to faraway centralized bureaucracyo There was a wider audience and broader public that had a larger media to goalong with itThe 2 things facilitated each otherExpanding on patterns of consumption allow us to see the creation of mass societymile ZolaThe Ladies Paradise 1883
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