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University of Toronto St. George
Vasilis Dimitriadis

Jeez Napoleon was that raelly necssaryNap named himself consul Made public dec to French people French Rev is still ging on through me He said he wanted to continue the objective of the French Rev starting the third stage of the French RevConstant fighting between left and right constant fighting within the radicals and moderatesAbolition of feudalism rights of citizens Important because they created a new system within France and challenged Europe 30 million people under a new political systemBorn in Corsica island was bought by the French in 1769 Corsica had opposition to French rule that continues to this day Nap sided with the Cors nationals and wanted to succeed from France He decided itd be better to try his luck in mainland France and join the French RevolutionHis classmates ridiculed him for his Italian name Corsican accent and short height Napoleon Bonaparte He blew up the classroom in a chemical experiment jesus christ is this guy a supervillain His first task as a general later was to free Toulon in 1793 Toulon is a city with the naval base of the French meddi fleet The British and Spaniards had beseiged Toulons port and paralyzed the French navy by preventing the movement of goods and supplies and Nap freed them in two days bringing him great military fameMilitary brillianceunscrupulous activitiesthe only Rev general who was willing to participate in the Coup DEtatFormed consulate named himself consul decided he wasnt going to share power and started calling the shots In 1801 he named himself First Consul for LIFE 1804 he claimed himself to be the Emperor of the French Wow lookw ere right back where we started in 1789 where a sole individual decided to make himself an absolute monarchLibert freeing every man the most cherished thought of the French Rev Nap is for the Rev and liberty but he was criticized by the French media esp Paris Paris was the center of the world for free speech and open information newspapers were a thing
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