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Michael Kogan

July 14 , 2011 Lecture 412 Chloe Navaretnam Consequences of WWI (The Great War) Loss of a generation: France lost 20% of men of military age and 66% of their male population was either dead or injured. Britain lost 500,000 men under the age of 30. o Lots of officers died at war and elites; of deaths came from graduates of Oxford and Cambridge. Germans lost 13% of men of military age but this number was great because of the size of their population. Generally most deaths came from the peasant class, and were substantial on the Eastern front. End of empires: German, Russian, Austrian and the Ottoman empire was on the verge of collapse. This changed the geography and political spectrum of Europe. The brutalization of war turned some soldiers into pacifists. Others who fought considered their experience as a form of superiority. o Small bands of these like-minded individuals paraded around Europe killing and thieving. The greatest example of this is Hitler. Undermined faith in European values: Irrational violence had a psychological impact; faith in progress was undermined by the experience of the Great War. o Advance in technology was just an improvement in weaponry. o Stop-stand in a moral imperative. o The result was the number in revolutions that sprang up after the war. The Russian Revolution WWI precipitated the Russian Revolution. The Russian Empire, 1914 Revolution of 1905-1907 o Close to toppling the Romanov dynasty led by tsar Nicholas II Disastrous war with Japan was the catalyst.
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