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Michael Kogan

His242 Lecture ONE Pre-WWI Social, Ideological, and Political Trends 21072011 15:21:00 Who made up European society and their dominant beliefs, and how they lived? World fair, Europe never reached the height that they reached before WWI, loses its luster as of this point Europe in !914 Ottoman empire, Russian, austro hugarian and german empire along with france and GB were the dominant powers in Europe Europe would never again after the great war come to the height of its power that it achieved than In 1914 25% of the worlds pop was in Europe, this number never got higher even today, this was during a time when over a million people where leaving Europe to immigrate to Canada and other places Economically by 1914, 56% of the world coal was produced by Europe, produced 60% of the worlds iron and steel and 62% of the worlds export Europe was the centre of the economic world and London was the economic capital of Europe. Dominant and Largest free trade system that imported and exported all over the world 83% of forgein investment formed Europe Social Trends: Urbanization growth and concentration of increase efficiency Europe was the most urban continent in the world boasted 120 cities with over 100,00 ppl and 6 cities with over a million people slums and squalor came from urbanization, place where u were lonely came from the countryside where u were with your family to living alone also had long hours in factories doing repetitive work cities known as places of moral decadence, bc people lost there morals when they came to the city however paid more than agricultural work and exposed you to culture Karl Marx what the bourgeoisie produces above all are its own grave diggers they bring workers together in urban centers, by bringing workers together they create there own demise Rural life
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