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Doris Bergen

HIS242H1 – Fascism in Italy 31 January 2013 Film: Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” Importance of the state and cult. A new theme introduced – how an individual can create a difference Mussolini prior to the war, for 10 years before Hitler came to power was the most powerful leader. He played a direct role in financing fascist countries. Mussolini’s Italy along with Germany influenced the Spanish civil war He had a way with words, an orator. He could create an image of his own power and could make this a reality. Mussolini was a playboy. Slept with a lot of women. This virility was an influence of his power. He was obsessed with his image. His image was only to show power. His origins were modest from Northern Italy. His father was a blacksmith, and his mother was middle class. His father was a radical socialist and his mother was a catholic school teacher. They grew up middle class. He was a bookworm, his favourite writer was Friedrich Nietsche. He tried being a school teacher, but it didn’t work out, because he would sleep with the mothers of the students, disruption in the class, made anti-Catholic slurs. He went to Switzerland and made some great contact, spent time in prison for his activist activities and started building action. He loved the use of words to stir passions. He became editor-in-chief of the publication Avanti. He changed his views and became an advocate of the Italian and French views and as a result he lost his job and dumped by the socialists. He joined the army. His ranking after a promotion was just a Corporal. Mussolini promised to bring order. Using his words, he talked about the action of violence and unity. Black Shirts. - Staged them in the march against Rome. - Mussolini did not march, he took the train, as it was more comfortable. HIS242H1 – Fascism in Italy 31 January 2013 Mussolini called his movement the Fascist Movement. The Black Shirts engaged themselves in fighting. He championed himself as the ___ of o
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