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Bolshevik Revolution (Lect3) Background to the February and October Russian Revolutions, Soviets gaining power, Vladimir Lenin.

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Jennifer Jenkins

Bolshevik Revolution- Oct 25, 1917 1898- Jan Bloch- The Future of War/ Is war now impossible? - Book prophesizes the future of war. Foresees war as industrial, mass use of men and technology that would result in a deadlock due to sides being evenly matched, cannot overpower other. - Held the minority view that war would be long and prove costly (human, economic, political) - Said war would create social unrest, spinoff wars and revolution. Also, war would destroy the social fabric of warring nations. - Western War- attrition - Eastern War- movement- Russians initially advanced but were pushed back (Tannenberg, Missourian Lakes) - German and AustHung organize a joint campaign against Russia. Take Warsaw in 1915 and advance into Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. Nicolas then assumes control of army (inexperienced). - Russian Army- massive manpower. (11 million + additional 4 mil) in field. 18 million reserves - Army has the human power to fight on but war proves very costly. 1916/7 Russian economy collapses and state is in jeopardy - Sealed Train- starts in Zurich, ends in Petrograd on April 3 , 1917. Passage is secured by the Germans which is why Lenin insisted the train was sealed (prove he had no contact with Germans) - 2 revolutions; 1 in February (Tsar abdicates to Prov Gov’t), 2 nd in October - Lenin believed the initial Revolution needed to be followed by a radical, Social Revolution. However, this was a minority view even in Lenin’s small Bolshevik Party - Vladimir Ilych Lenin- born in Bulga, Russia. Son of teachers. He was a lawyer/journalist/political activist. University at Kazan - Inspired by brother Alexander- executed for failed plo
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