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End of RussianRev/ End of WW1 (Lect4) Outlines Bolshevik seizure of power, Treaty of BrestLitovsk, conclusion of WW1 (inc. Wilsons 14 Points, Paris Peace Conference)

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University of Toronto St. George
Jennifer Jenkins

Russian Revo Cont/ End of WW1 - Lenin @ Petrograd- April Theses- called for; Peace, Land, Bread. Nationalize land and give power to the soviets - Provisional Government does not begin land reform (fear that peasants will leave the front and the Russian army will collapse) - May- dual power attempts a coalition but the government is ineffective (discredits liberals and moderate socialists). Local soviets continue to form “All Russia Soviet” - Petrograd Soviet- claims to speak for socialism. Differentiations between moderates and radicals in the soviet grows and Bolshevik membership increases. - June- workers, soldiers and sailors march in Petrograd “All power to Soviets!” - July 3 - mass demonstration. Kerensky calls for a crackdown, many are killed and Bolsheviks are arrested, Lenin flees. - Military plans a coup d’état against the government. Kornilov plans a march against the government but this initiative is put down by Kerensky and others - Aug 31- Bolsheviks are the majority in the Petrograd Soviet- Lenin arrives from Finland to seize power - September- Lenin convinces the 12 member Soviet Head Committee (10-2 vote) to takeover - Oct 12- Soviet creates a military committee headed by Trotsky (who is also the Petrograd Soviet chairman) - Oct 24- Bolsheviks seize post offices, communications and banks - Oct 25- Kerensky is arrested and power is seized (initial takeover is not especially violent) - Seizure of Power- EH Carr- “Bolshevism seized an empty throne”…power vacuum - Bolsheviks attempt to change society from the top down - Promises of peace, land, bread and elections held for a constituent assembly - Vote comes; Bolsheviks receive 20% of vote, Social Democrats 40% and the assembly sits only once on Jan 5, 1918. Red Sailors break up the assembly, never meets again - “breathtaking speed of change”- industry is nationalized, party’s banned,
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