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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - WWI: Balkan Spark, Global Conflict; 1914-1918

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University of Toronto St. George
Jennifer Jenkins

400 million people in Europe y Urban societyurbanising society y Industrialisedindustrialising society y Colonial many wars and disputes as a result of this y Growing middle class of consumers y Aggressive foreign policies of Great Powers y Boer Warintroduction of concentration camps y The war will change the European map Fall of the German Ottoman and AustroHungarian yempiresGave Europe first taste of mass and industrial death y Mix of old and new warfare technology eg Horses and machineguns y Trenches surrounded by barbed wire y Employment of poison gas y 10 million died in WWI civilians as well as soldiers y 2 million lost by both Germany and France y 37 of men aged 1924 of Germany died Maiming of this generation much higher y War aircrafts came in at end of war y Entire war brought into question what Europe stood for y Sarajevo Bosnia1914assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28 y The Black Hand radical Serbian nationalist group members swore death oath y Serbia newly independent Dreams of a panSlavic state y Serbs linked national suffering to foreign oppression y Student Gavrilo Princip member of the Black Hand assassinates the archduke and his wife y Sets off5 week periodthe July Crisis y Within 5 days killers confess Clear they had not acted in isolation Believed to have been aided and ysupported by the Se
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