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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - The End of the War & the Paris Peace Conference

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University of Toronto St. George
Jennifer Jenkins

1 The Bolshevik Seizure of Power October 25 1917 Elections to the Constituent Assembly The Bolsheviks remove Russia from the war make a separate peace with Germany 2 The Treaty of BrestLitovsk March 1918 Punitive Peace imposed by Germany Germans see Easter war aims satisfied German war aims in general the September Program 1914 3 The War Ends in the West The Ludendorff Offensive The Allied Breakthrough in the West Germans sue for peace on the basis of Woodrow Wilsons Fourteen Points 4 The Fourteen Points Speech made by US President Woodrow Wilson to the US Congress January 1918 Sets out the guidelines for a general peaceA liberal vision The League of Nations 5 The Paris Peace Conference JanuaryJune 1919 SelfDetermination Democracy or Nationalism Poland Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia 6 Territorial Settlements Germany The Treaty of Versailles June 1919 Article 231 the war guilt clause 7 International Law Minority Rights Treaties Legal protection for national minorities in international law 1878 Under the jurisdiction of the League of Nations Civil rights individual and minority rights collective Polish treaty a model for others Pluses and minuseslargest problem no mechanism to punish sta
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