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Post war crisis 1919-1923

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University of Toronto St. George
Jennifer Jenkins

I The Post War Crisis All the countries experienced post war crisiseconomic crisis and collapse diseases the desire for democracy was in the air etc th Oct 18 1989 Tomas stepped on the top of Independence Hall in US in Philadelphia the symbol of democracywhere Declaration of Independencewas signed to proclaim the independence of his nationCzechoslovakiaIn Paris on the same day Czechoslovakia government in exile published the Declaration of Independence of Czechoslovakia State no people should be forced to live under the sovereignty which they do not recognizeWith the defeat of the AustriaHungarian empire Czechoslovakia wanted national liberty democracy their own state they put these under selfdetermination To make the proclaims they used the language of 14 pointsinternational languagePeace conference helped them Czechoslovakia maintain as democracy until 1938 and in the sense it is one of the success of peace conferenceIt was found that territorial changes mainly occur in Germany easternward Russia and AustriaHungary This is because the winning countries like France and England didnt apply the idea of selfdetermination to themselves So it was thought that the peace conference was a victors peaceThe conference tried to create new national states mainly out of the Habsburg empiretrying to create new states and new international system regulations through the leagues of nationsThe Peace conference may have made some political sense these national movements were reality and have to be recognized But in the end the succeed is only partial The failure in the long run of Wilsons plan was not only due to the big four these new democracies ie Czechoslovakia Germany Poland were born into a very bad contextRevolution in Germany and Hungary The PolishSoviet War 19191921 Population transfers Greece and Turkey 1922Economic crisis and collapse hyperinflation in Germany 192223Hunger and disease influenza epidemic which kills between 20 and 40 million dead worldwideDeclarations were written elections were held but social and political chaos destroyed these achievements Chaos come in many formsrevolution civil war economic collapse hunger and diseases
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