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The Bolshevik Revolution

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Jennifer Jenkins

The Bolshevik Revolution 17012012 105700I The War on the Eastern FrontCompare to the western front eastern front was a war of movement it covered large amount of territoriesThe military collapse in Russian empire was an important precondition for Russian revolution The initial German victories follow by success joint German Austrian against Russia in 1915 and by summer 1915 German troops are marching into Warsaw During the fall of 1915 German is marching to RussiaOverostndRussian Tsar Nicolas 2 in Sept 1915 he made himself Supreme commander of the army the problem of Russian army especially being defeated by German was not about men power II The Sealed TrainApr 1917 started in Switzerland moved to Germany and Sweden station it arrived in Finland station Saint Petersburg the train had been secured by German government and aided by diplomatic service by international bankers and by military personnel Out of this train step ahead the Bolshevik party Lenin He was accompanied by members of the Bolshevik party his party He had been sent with German and German moneythis was a strategy of the German governmentLenin insisted the train to be sealed to prove that he himself has no contact with Germany Feb revolution and Fall revolution were very different in character and steffects Lenin arrived 6 weeks after the 1and had no doubt that the first ndwas incomplete and had to be followed by a 2Feb revolution where Tsar Nicolas was stepped down and the power was in the provisional governments hand which was a political revolution had to ndbe followed by a 2social revolution and his goal was to move the second forward Lenin was a minority his Bolshevik party was quite small and even inside of his own party he was radical III Who was Lenin What is To Be Done 1902 Lenins model of revolutionary changeBorn in 1870 in the heart of Russia Highly skilled political activist He attended the University Kazan and became a lawyer1895 he founded the League for the Struggle for the emancipation of the working class
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