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World War I

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University of Toronto St. George
Jennifer Jenkins

WWI 19141918 2112012 120000 PM Three main topics Diplomacy the July crisis Warfare Trench warfare in the westViolence and Politics WWI as a war of annihilation characterized by a new and encompassing dynamic of destructiony Europe was at its height of power at 1914 hadof the world population it was becoming a even urban industrialized imperial and colonial societyProducts coming from all over the world y Aggressive foreign policy of all the leading power was one reason for WWI dispute in colonial territories colonial wars Germany military genocide war etc gave a taste of the war to comey WWI changed Europe permanently Russian AustriaHungary Ottoman and German will all disappear from the prewar map sty WWI brought Europe its 1 industrialize death and the type of warfare was going through possible machineguns weapons etc y 10 million dead in WWI France and Germany lost 2 million men each thy The idea of expanding battlefield was new at beginning of 20 century y WWI left a legacy of hatred and called for question what Europe stood for it took away the hope of bright future and European claimed responsible for the worldsHow does it start y Started from regional conflict then general European war then to colonial conflict and then a world war The Fuely The weakness of AustriaHungary and the challenge of Serbian nationalismy Ethnonationalist movements in the Balkans whichignited new wars and forms of warfare in the First and Second Balkan Wars 1912 1913 y A Balkan liberation struggle becomes a world war Europes Alliance systems the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance 1907July Crisis of 1914 the five weeks between June 28July 31 1914What it was A diplomatic crisis beginning with the assassination of the y Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand heir to the Habsburg Empire and ending with Russian mobilization and declarations of war in August 1914 y The crisis began with a political assassination
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